Clinic Staff

One of our greatest assets is the experienced and caring staff. The Grand Central Veterinary Hospital team believes in the humane and loving treatment of your pet. We strive to offer client education and to help enhance your bond with your pet while providing excellent health care services.

Dr. Antz-Hanson says “The staff at Grand Central Veterinary Hospital is a devoted and talented team that contributes to the effort of providing top care for your beloved furry friend with compassion and consideration of the pet and your entire family. Remember, we all have pets and love them dearly. We treat your pet as if it were our own. “

Patty – Lead Customer Service Representative

Patty grew up in Titusville, Florida and has lived in St. Petersburg since 2013. She has been a Veterinary Technician since 1996 and has worked at Grand Central Veterinary Hospital since arriving in St. Petersburg. Her vast knowledge of the veterinary field made her the perfect choice as our office manager. It takes a special someone who understands the needs of pets and their families to fit that role at a clinic. Patty said “I especially enjoy interacting with you and your furry friends on a daily basis.” Patty grew up owning horses and loves horseback riding. When she isn’t fishing you can find her enjoying time with her family, boyfriend, playing with her kitty “Cass-purr,” or painting with Acrylics. She also works as a Licensed Massage Therapist in her spare time.

Lisa – Customer Service Representative

Miguel – Lead Veterinary Nurse

Alyssa – Lead Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Cole – Veterinary Assistant

Christian – Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Candace – Administrative Assistant

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