What Happens during Dental Cleaning and Polishing?

Once your pet’s oral health has been determined that a dental cleaning and polishing would be beneficial, the task at hand is simple. Pre-anesthetic blood work is usually performed within two weeks of any anesthetic procedure. This is to be sure that your pet does not have any underlying issues such as anemia, kidney or liver disease. Your pet is scheduled to be dropped off in the morning between 8:15 am and 9:15 am for check in. No food or water is allowed from midnight on the day of the procedure.

Your pet is always examined the day of the procedure. An intravenous catheter is placed so fluids can be administered during the procedure and anesthetic and pain medication can be given easily. Your pet will be given a sedative to relax them and then general anesthesia provided.

Why is general anesthesia needed? Well with most humans, your dentist can explain what they are planning to do, and you can cooperate with your dentist. In veterinary dentistry, pets do not understand and inevitably cooperation is limited. During general anesthesia, your pet is monitored by a Cardell heart, respiration and blood pressure machine, just like a human would be monitored while under anesthesia in a hospital.

At GCVH we provide the most current form of monitoring for your pet while under anesthesia as well as using a state-of-the-art warming device to keep your pet safely warm throughout the procedure. A veterinary nurse is on hand to also assist and watch over your beloved pet.

Once your pet is ready, the oral cavity is examined and teeth are scaled using a Cavitron or ultrasonic scaler to remove tarter and plaque and then the teeth are polished. The procedure is very similar to what humans experience at their dentist. If any loose teeth or broken teeth are identified, then they will be extracted. Any dental repairs such as root canals or crowns will be referred to a Veterinary Dental Specialist.

Usually your pet can go home between 3:30pm and 5:30 pm. Your Veterinary Nurse will notify you once your pet is awake and arrange a discharge time.

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